Thursday, April 29, 2004

Sometimes Stranded is a Good Place to Be

So, I am no longer stranded. I have to say it was definately a challenge to rely on others and live without a car. I have to say though the real challenge came on Monday when reality hit and I realized I had to buy a new car. I was sitting in the team room at work on the phone listening to this person I don't even know tell me how much it would cost to fix my beloved Honda. Now, as Julie commented about her shoes on Peter's blog, if only my Honda could talk. It would have some wild adventures to tell. Trips to Ohio and Mississippi. Trips to VA and the beach. Trips to Washington DC. Trips to NYC. Graudation trip to North Carolina. And not even the trips. All the things it saw and heard. But unfortunatly reality said even as attached as I am to my car. It was time to say good-bye. And so that is what I did. With my friend Melanie at my side, I set out to brave the world of buying a new car (or new to me anyway). And as always, God showed how awesome he is. Because I found a car, within my payment range, on Monday afternoon. And now I am driving that car around. It's a great car...somewhat newer than my dear old Honda. It's amazing how God's timing works actually.
Now, even though I am still terribly sad to say good-bye to that Honda that saw me through so much, I am very excited to prepare for the many wonderful adventures my new Sonata is going to take me on. And as the say goes "It all worked out in the end."