Thursday, April 29, 2004

Sometimes Stranded is a Good Place to Be

So, I am no longer stranded. I have to say it was definately a challenge to rely on others and live without a car. I have to say though the real challenge came on Monday when reality hit and I realized I had to buy a new car. I was sitting in the team room at work on the phone listening to this person I don't even know tell me how much it would cost to fix my beloved Honda. Now, as Julie commented about her shoes on Peter's blog, if only my Honda could talk. It would have some wild adventures to tell. Trips to Ohio and Mississippi. Trips to VA and the beach. Trips to Washington DC. Trips to NYC. Graudation trip to North Carolina. And not even the trips. All the things it saw and heard. But unfortunatly reality said even as attached as I am to my car. It was time to say good-bye. And so that is what I did. With my friend Melanie at my side, I set out to brave the world of buying a new car (or new to me anyway). And as always, God showed how awesome he is. Because I found a car, within my payment range, on Monday afternoon. And now I am driving that car around. It's a great car...somewhat newer than my dear old Honda. It's amazing how God's timing works actually.
Now, even though I am still terribly sad to say good-bye to that Honda that saw me through so much, I am very excited to prepare for the many wonderful adventures my new Sonata is going to take me on. And as the say goes "It all worked out in the end."

Sunday, April 25, 2004


And so it happened again this weekend. I found myself stranded on the side of the road with a car that just stopped working. So fun. It's amazing how you can be driving along fine and then all of a sudden it's not so good anymore. Hopefully it is not too serious. I have been lucky throughout my many car problems. Very few of them have been serious and I have managed to get by. I am hoping that this is another one of those times as I wait for the verdict as to what happened.

I have to say that being stranded is an experience I find very difficult. The biggest challenge is that I had to depend a lot on people this weekend. Depending on others is a pastime that I try to avoid. I guess I just would rather depend upon myself. But life doesn't work that way.

I am sure that God was trying to teach me branching out of my independence that I rely on more and more each day. As well as patience (the ongoing lesson of my life). I'm hoping that tonight and tomorrow are the last days of being stranded, but perhaps the other lesson God wants to teach me is that life doesn't always run on my schedule. All in all a broken down car can give many life lessons.

Finally I just want to say thanks to those of you who helped me out when I was in distress. It's good to know that before I was left "stranded" God placed in my life people who would be there for me. Thanks.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Mud, Traffic, and Music

It couldn't be anything else but Ichthus. However, last night was an Ichthus I think will go down in history. As I sit here in my nice, warm, DRY apartment I recall the very cool, muddy, WET Ichthus that I attended last night. You know it doesn't get much better than kids covered in mud praising God. In fact as I was driving out of town past the multiple mile long traffic jam (at 12:30 in the morning!), I had this thought of all these people storming the city for God. Now, I don't know if Wilmore is actually the city that needs to be stormed, but it's a good start.
See the thing is, if it was me in the car for 3 + hours, I would have turned around. I just don't think my love of Ichthus extends that deep. But after last night, I think that I would definatley give it a try because if those people can do it, I can do it.
I don't know if I will make it back to Ichthus this weekend, although I hope to see Jeremy Camp on Saturday, but it has already been an eventful Ichthus year with lots of memories.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Hey everyone
I am often not sure of what to write about in my blog as I find that the majority of my life is rather dull and not very exciting while the other minor part...not appropriate for publishing. So, I was thinking. If you have anything to ask, topics I could comment on. Please, add a comment so that I may expand the depths of my blog. Thanks!
I had a discussion about communication with someone today. As a teacher I have learned more and more about communication this year. The biggest lesson: I have a lot of work to do on communication. It seems that there is always that student who doesn't understand, or that co-worker who took it the wrong way. Or the friend whose feelings you can tell you hurt when you didn't mean to. Communication.
It's the key to everything. It can affect a mood in a second. It can be the difference between a right or wrong answer. It can keep you from getting lost, or help you get there. Communication.
It's tricky and frustrating and confusing. Once something is said, you can't ever take it back. It's there. It's in the open. You are communicating through words, through writing, through body language, through facial expressions. We even communicate with sounds. Amazing. So, how are we to keep it all straight? How am I to know what is right or what that person said. Do they really mean that?
We live in a society where exaggeration is the key to success...just check out commercials. We live in a society where the "little white lie" is what keeps everybody happy. It's no wonder the world is full of gray. It's no wonder that my students don't know how to treat one another. They can't communicate...and I struggle to communicate back.
I have spent most of this year communicating with my two best friends solely through email. Talk about challenging. It's difficult to really explain your day or what happened over an email. The stories just aren't as funny when I write them, and the situation is just not as tense in black and white. But it's been a challenge that has helped my friendships to remain stronge--even grow.
But that still hasn't solved all my communication issues. It's still hard to say I'm sorry or to stop myself from hurting someone's feelings. It's still hard to explain to 95 different learners why the comma goes here but not here or why we study mythology.
Maybe this is why I find my day so challenging on a regular basis. Communication. It challenges me. I have to work at it. But it really is the key. It's means the difference between right and left/forwards and backwards/moving or standing still.
I just read Julie's Easter blog and I have to say that Christ's example of communication was one with nothing hidden. He laid it out. In fact he put down his life in front of everyone for me. And you. He communicated that so that there is no question. Once again he is our example. It's amazing. If I just strive to be like him...maybe I'll find that communication that will help make the correct turn or go the right direction or start moving instead of standing still.

Sunday, April 11, 2004


Today is Easter Sunday. A day that has come and gone for many years, 22 of which I have been a part of, and today is the first time probably since I was little that I just felt like celebrating all day long. It wasn't about candy and bunnies and eggs. It was just about joy. I can't explain it. Have you ever just experienced a time in life when it was just good? Nothing extra special. No changes. You just felt good and peaceful? This weekend, as I was daily reminded of the sacrfice of Christ, I was also daily reminded of the joy that his life should bring to mine. Because today was about Christ being alive. And it was incredibly awesome! Even getting up at 7 am wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be because I had friends to share this incredible day with. We had a lot of fun; I am so thankful for their relationships with Christ because they have helped to renew mine. I hope that everyone else had an incredible Easter as well.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Vacation Ends

Despite the positive connotation that vacation holds...there comes a time when it holds that very horrible connotation of ending. In fact, my vacation has come to an end and I am very much disliking vacation. Oh, the irony of vacation.
It's amazing the difference between beginnings and endings. They hold such vastly different emotions. Which brings us to another word with vastly different connotations. Emotions. What exactly is an emotion anyway? Is it a feeling? Is it a response? Is it just part of who we are? I am very unsure of many of the words in our language. So many words can mean different things? I mean, we have words that are spelled the same and pronounced different! Whose idea was that anyway? Yet oddly enough it isn't even our words that say the most. So often it is our eyes or our body language that actually gives away the truth of what we are "saying."
If this is true, what are you saying at the moment? I am saying that the end of vacation is very near...and wondering what Monday morning will hold.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Washington DC

Well, here I am sitting in the nations capital at this very interesting internet access place. But least we found one! Coming to DC always makes me wonder what it would be like to live here. I have this problem you see...every time I go to the city, I want to move there. (And no. I do not consider Lexington a "city"). I see people and I think "they live here; they are making it--I can too." But then my courage seems to falter and I accept where I am and I leave the city wondering why I am drawn to it and yet without the nerve to actually move. Sometimes I think I will do something drastic and just move...but unfortunately I am just too darn practical.
DC is such a lovely place to come though. It's so exciting...and you feel as if you are in a place where stuff happens. And the's everywhere!! It's a history teacher's dream anyway. Even in the rain, DC is so much fun.
So far on this short, few day trip we have been to Pentagon City (for a lovely dinner with Melanie); Starbucks (once--soon to be twice); Ford's theater (never been there--loved it!); the Peterson House (yep I saw the room President Lincoln died); H&M (twice and counting); Old Post Office; Holocaust Museum; American History Museum (discovered a new shop); Hard Rock Cafe (excellent of course); Air and Space museum; Smithsonian Castle; National Gallary of Art (the store); National Archives (extremely cool--once again a history teachers' dream); Old Ebitt Grill (yum yum blondie!); and presently I am at Dupont Circle. Still going to hit the monuments this evening and Union Station. As you can see I have walked and walked and walked--but it's been awesome!
So DC as always has peeked my interest in thinking about my future...and just possibly dreaming about a time when I will finally have the nerve to leave the comforts of wherever I am and brave the city--whether it be DC or some other exciting place.