Sunday, July 24, 2005

Where were you?

So, where were you the night Harry Potter was released and how long did it take you to read it?

I was in Lexington, KY, with my good friend Julie and we were at Joseph Beth Booksellers. Most of you know that Joseph Beth is a two story bookstore, so Julie and I had a lot of fun walking around and peering over the side looking at all the people. Inside the store it was packed with activities for everyone. Parents were walking around with their kids and teenagers were milling about. I saw a few Jessie Clark students as well as a couple teachers! One of the best things was knowing that all these people were going to go home and actually read this book.
Julie and I got to watch the parade of costumes before the book release. My personal favorites were the girl who created her own Crookshanks costume and the baby dressed up as the golden snitch. So cute.

At about 11:45 we got in line for the book release. I was SO lucky because my friend Kris had won a spot to be first in line to receive a copy of the book. It was awesome. I was the first person inside Joseph Beth to be handed a book (three books actually since I picked up Julie's and Heather's too). It was awesome! Then Julie and I left and walked by the HUGE line outside Joseph Beth that stretched all the way around the corner and back against the side wall of J-Beth. That line was for those who had reserved their copies ahead of time.
All in all it was quite a fun evening filled with people watching and anticipation. We didn't stick around though because we were eager to get home to read the book we had been waiting so long for.

I read the book by the next afternoon. I know that some of you have completed the book, so feel free to comment about any specific thoughts you have in the comment section. I am avoiding putting anything specific actually on my blog since I know there are a few readers who have not yet completed the novel (and those who we are still trying to convince to actually get on the bandwagon). So, a warning to all readers, there may be spoilers in the comment section so read at your own risk! Have fun!


Jules said...

Um, yeah, I was with Rachel. :) It was quite a sight though. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot and couldn't find a spot, I knew I was in for more than I had expected. The best way I could describe the sea of people to others who weren't there: "There were way more people than I have ever seen on a Saturday in December." Knowing how popular that store is before Christmas, everyone immediately had a concept of how crowded it was and simply said stunned and incredulous, "Wow.... for Harry Potter??"

Yes, for Harry Potter. And it was worth it. :)

jonathan- THE brother said...

yeah so i was at wal mart buying harry potter of course...although i didnt finish it quite so fast.... post something new

Rnutt said...

Ahhh...I can feel the brotherly love coming over the Internet. Currently working on an overview of my look for that within the week Jon-boy! :)