Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Scrapbook Creation

I have been wanting to create one of these for awhile.  It is a gift card holder.  I've had the pattern since March, and have just gotten around to making it.  It's a really simple pattern.  You have to use thick card stock for the base and strong tape.  Then decorate as desired!  I love it though because I don't have enough room in my purse for giftcards, so this is great!  Mine is a light blue base with purple pockets and brown/blue decorative paper.
My scrap space is about half finished, but I have enough of a work space to start creating and this was my first creation.  I'm currently working on a mini album!


Ada Marie said...

I love this! It looks so pretty! What a sweet idea! It would be cute for a gift with some gift cards tucked inside!

Katie Brown said...

I love this Rachel! Where did you get the directions to make it?

kackpr said...

this is a very cute idea!

Neil and Rebecca said...

Cute Rachel! Love it! And I love your mini-album, too! Wish we could all get together and scrapbook again. Those were fun days. Although, I have moved onto digital scrapbooking, now. Still fun to do with friends, though.

Rnutt said...

The pattern is actually from a kit my mom had. The kit (from Archivers I think) came with everything to make the holder; my mom copied the pattern onto chipboard to make a template for herself before she made the kit. It's actually pretty easy to reproduce!

I miss our scrapbooking days as well. I finally have a scrapbook space, but no one to come and use it with me! How is digital scrapbooking? I just installed Adobe Elements. I'm all excited, but have NO idea what to do with it! How did you learn? Did you teach yourself or use a book?