Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Twilight Thoughts

Well, as could be predicted, it didn't take long to finish reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight.  About two days actually!  So, I do have to admit that her stories are somewhat addicting!  I enjoyed the reading, and I enjoyed wanting to read.  Not every book can hold my attention.  After some thought there are two conclusions I have come to about Twilight.  The first is why it is hard to put the book down.  Meyer does an amazing job with her chapters.  She structures them so that every one ends in this mini climax.  I just had to turn the page to see what happened!  And of course, once I did that, I couldn't stop in the middle of a chapter!  Perhaps that is just me.  Secondly, I thought a lot of what was so addicting about the story.  In my mind I compared it to the Harry Potter craze, because they have had some similar reactions (midnight releases, movies, websites, etc).  I don't believe the books are as cleverly written as HP; and Meyer does not help me visualize the picture the way Rowling does, but yet Twilight was still a book I couldn't put down.  I decided one thing Meyer really has down is that she  can tell a love story.  She created two characters who love and are loved with such amazing depth and truth; this is the way most of desire to love and be loved.  In a world where many of us feel we search a long time for love, we admire, even long, for love like this.  For me it helps me appreciate my amazing husband all the more, and as a former teenage girl, I can totally understand their addictions to Edward and Bella.


Ada Marie said...

It's good to hear your reactions. I'm going to borrow it from a friend. I'll let you know when I read the book. ;)