Thursday, May 19, 2005

Adult Conversation

Adult Conversation: any conversation that involves discussing things that you don't have to worry about until you live on your own and pay your own bills; i.e. utility bills, water bills, broken anything in the house, etc.

We're adults now. How did that happen? And how can I make it stop?
--Meredith, Grey's Anatomy

Adult conversation reminds me that I am an adult. I've been an official, out-of-college adult now for almost two years. It's been a pretty crazy experience sometimes. Most of the time I avoid the adult conversations and stick to movies, books, and what are we going to do on Friday night discussions. It's just easier. There is no responsibiltiy there.
But life calls for responsibility. It asks us to take control and make decisions. Sometimes that road to decision making is more difficult than others.
I recently had a conversation with my dad where I (almost in tears) poured out what was on mind. He then told me he loved me and that I wouldn't like what he had to say. Then, in a way only my dad has, he told me to grow up. He said a few other things, but the jist was GROW UP. I guess it kind of hit me then that living in this "I'm an adult but pretending I'm not" world was just not good. Not healthy in fact, because how can you truly be who you are supposed to be if you are stuck in the middle of being one thing or the other. I realized that being an "adult" doesn't mean I have to change, it's just a different mindset and sometimes a different approach to the difficult things of life.

Since my dad's kind, but firm reminder of what I needed to do, life's been pretty good. Maybe the adult thing isn't so bad after all.


Pete said...

Ya I knew something was wrong when a couple of weeks ago I had a riveting discussion about utility prices around breakfast.

JCo said...

You are so on target Rachel! Embracing adulthood means that you have opened a door to so many more opportunities, challenges, conversations and rich experiences that those clinging to the carefree youthful lifestyle will never know. Boldly take that step and experience the growth, stretching and ability to "see" the world through new eyes!

Lalah DeSha said...

It's amazing how having those conversations w/your dad can put things in perspective and make you pick yourself up and face responsibility. Usually my dad tells me that I shouldn't be stressed out just yet...just wait until you get older! Comforting thought, huh?