Monday, May 09, 2005

Ruth: Great because God made her Great

This weekend at Southland we studied Ruth. Since I got to go to both morning and evening services (which were completely different), I got a double dose of Ruth. I learned a lot though.

Did you know that Ruth is the 8th book of the Bible and that the number 8 is significant when used in the Bible because it signifies something new?
Did you know that Naomi means "cheerful one" and she changed her name to Mara which means "bitter one"?

Other life lessons from the two sermons include:
1. Leave and Go
The Christian life is all about change; if you are resistent to change you are not fully living the Christian life
2. You are either changing people or people are changing you.
3. If you want a Boaz, live like a Ruth; if you want a Ruth, live like a Boaz.
4. God's definition of Great is different than yours and mine
5. To live a life God considers Great is within my reach
6. In life, we will all go through times of trouble (see John 16:33)
7. It is in the little things that we prove ourselves capable of the big things
8. When God develops our inner qualities, he's never in a hurry.

Obviously lots of things to think about. Please note that when I post notes from the sermon on Sunday, I'm not making statements of fact. I am relaying what someone else has relayed to me; most of which I agree with and can back up with Scripture. But more and more I am realizing that there are a lot of things I don't have figured out. A lot of things that my opinions waver on, or that I don't know what Scripture says one way or the other. So I'm open to discussion.

Happy Monday!


Pete said...

Thanks for the notes Rach! I forwarded your link on to a couple other people.