Thursday, September 21, 2006

Life is Changing and it is about time I post

Well, it's been ages since I have posted. I know. My "experiment" hasn't gone so well these past few fact it hasn't gone at all. But there is a good reason. :) Life has been changing!
In fact the biggest change in my life maybe ever is about to happen and this whole year has been leading up to it. A year ago this Sunday I met the person destined to change my life forever. Not only did he bring an element of happiness and excitement that had been absent, but he has also brought a deeper understanding of who I am as a person and my role in God's great big world (not that there isn't a whole lot more to figure out, but it's a beginning!) Anyway, as I mentioned it's been an entertaining year and on October 15th it's going to hit a climax. Because that day I get to marry Nathan and begin a life together with him.
So, this climax, aka the wedding :) has been keeping my life pretty busy. Every day is filled with plans and decisions; phone calls and more decisions; and de-stressing time with friends at Starbucks. Then there is the whole beginning life together part, which for me involves moving from Kentucky to Georgia. So packing and preparing to move has been my life the past couple months. I'll be glad when that part is over and the setting up can begin. I have been so lucky though to have had time to travel to Georgia as well as a place to stay post-Newbury Way/pre-Georgia (thanks Kris!). In fact despite the business and the stress, God has blessed my life in so many ways. I've got time to spend with friends (thanks to the whole no-real-job-thing) and time to relax (much needed after all the decision making). And I do believe that life has been preparing me for this and I cannot wait to begin this new adventure! I promise to start keeping everyone posted a little more regularly! After all I have to tell about how exciting GA is so you will come and visit!