Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review: Gigi’s Big Break DVD by Sheila Walsh

I recently watched Gigi’s Big Break on DVD. It contains two stories: “The White Lie” and “The Pink Surprise.” The first story is a lesson in honesty and follows Gigi as she tells a bigger and bigger lie, eventually admitting the truth and asking forgiveness. At the end a Scripture verse relating to honesty is shown. The second story: “The Pink Surprise” is about loving siblings. Gigi’s parents reveal they will be having another baby. At first Gigi is excited, but that soon changes. The storylines move in between Gigi’s make believe world and the real world.

The animation on the DVD is pretty basic and not very exciting. At the beginning of the story this bothered me as the characters seem incredibly stiff. However, once I was involved in the story this no longer bothered me. I liked the fact that the story includes real conversations between Gigi and her mother. Some other highlights include a family prayer before a meal, Gigi praying before bed, and scriptures included at the end of each story. The lesson is told clearly and interestingly. I do recommend this video and other Gigi products for young girls. Young girls (preschool) would enjoy the cuteness of the characters and animation while school age girls would be more likely to get something from the story.

**A complimentary copy of Gigi’s Big Break (DVD) was provided for me by Thomas Nelson Publishing for the purpose of this review.

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