Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Merry Christmas!

What a holiday season it has been! It's been full of parties and get togethers, time with friends, Christmas lights, and yummy food. Since it is only December 21, there is still more celebrating to be done. Since the hustle and bustle of my everyday work day is gone, I can finally relax and maybe really think about what Christmas is. Cause the parties and lights and food are fun and exciting--that isn't why we celebrate. It's easy to forget why we are celebrating this time of year. But in fact without Christ's birth, there wouldn't be a Christmas season to celebrate.

I often wonder what Christmas means to those who are not Christians. How do they justify taking time off work, eating lots of food, and buying lots of presents? Christmas just doesn't make sense to me without Jesus' birth in the center. So, if you are working hard to justify eating lots of food, taking time off work, or buying lots of presents--take a few minutes to remember that in the middle of all those things we need to thank God for giving his son to us, as a baby boy so long ago.

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Merry Christmas to me! Today it was announced that book 6 of the Harry Potter series will be released on July 16, 2005. Hurray!!! I cannot wait! It's exciting to at least have a date to look forwards too. So, there will be months of speculation before the book comes out...and I better start rereading the series! It is a tradition after all to reread the entire series before the new book comes out. :) Merry Christmas!