Monday, May 02, 2005

The Past, The Present, and the Future

Since I have about 5 minutes before my work day officially starts I thought I would take a few moments to share some thoughts on last night's 608 service.

Yesterday we began a new series at Southland, True Biblical Stories. We began with the story of Abraham. Well, first we began with the reminder that our Bible story heroes are just like us. I guess deep down we all know that. That our favorite Bible characters made some pretty major mistakes and yet still God used them in great ways. But we forget...especially when we want excuses as to why God can't use us. But here is a quote from how we started service yesterday:

"The next time your past tries to keep you from following God, remember you in good company."

Meaning, if you let your past stop you, it's YOU stopping you, not God. Because God will use you if you let him.

So, here's the key truths that Brad shared with us last night:
1. God's way is ALWAYS the BEST way:
Jeremiah 29:11 and Isaiah 55:8-9

2. Your past does not and will not ever disqualify you from being used by God
To go from the PAST to the FUTURE you have to remian in the PRESENT because you have to meet God in the present

3. God is ready and willing to use you right now.
God is looking for somone with an open and willing heart--the only thing that can disqualify you from being used by God is an attitude of unavailablity.

Number 2 struck a specific chord with me. Too often I find myself living in the future and making decisions based on the past. But if I want my life to not be about me and to be all about him, then I have to start living in the present because the present is where God wants to meet me. Sure, God was with me in the past and he'll be with me in the future. But today is what matters right now because God wants to be with me today. Right now.
So if you were not at Southland last night, I hope you enjoy my notes (and no comments about how I am a nerd because I take notes during sermons.) And if you were at Southland, hopefully this is a good reminder that today is the day to meet God; cause he'll be there tomorrow, but he wants to be with you today.


Pete said...

Thanks for the great summary/reminder Rnutt