Monday, April 25, 2005

Spring time in KY and Monday Mornings.

What the heck...I mean come on. This weekend? What was that all about? Snow? In April? I was so excited to see a high in the 60s today!

So, I think I think (?) in short sentences. I'm finding when I am excited, tired, or on a coffee overdose (such as most mornings) I type in really short sentences. Actually they aren't even sentences just groups of words put together that I decide to put a period or question mark or exclamation point after. I'm thinking that this morning it must be because it is Monday.

What is it about Mondays anyway? I mean, why do we dislike them? Seriously, they are the start of something new. Every Monday morning we get to start over. A new work week to accomplish things. Another weekend to look forward to (the number five is only a long time when it refers to the week). Maybe we dislike Mondays because it is a new week with new responsibilities and new things to do. Or maybe it's cause we are still recovering from a weekend filled with way too many things to do and not enough sleep.

I personally like this Monday because Mondays are a pretty slow day at school because the students are still tired from their weekend. :) And after this Monday...I only have four more. :)


JCo said...

About the snow...Mom takes the cake with the most entertaining comment about the weather this weekend - when she saw the little flurries darting around Sunday morning she let out a HUGE sigh and stated "Well, if it is snowing here way down in KY I hate to think what it is doing at home in PA!"