Friday, April 02, 2004

Washington DC

Well, here I am sitting in the nations capital at this very interesting internet access place. But least we found one! Coming to DC always makes me wonder what it would be like to live here. I have this problem you see...every time I go to the city, I want to move there. (And no. I do not consider Lexington a "city"). I see people and I think "they live here; they are making it--I can too." But then my courage seems to falter and I accept where I am and I leave the city wondering why I am drawn to it and yet without the nerve to actually move. Sometimes I think I will do something drastic and just move...but unfortunately I am just too darn practical.
DC is such a lovely place to come though. It's so exciting...and you feel as if you are in a place where stuff happens. And the's everywhere!! It's a history teacher's dream anyway. Even in the rain, DC is so much fun.
So far on this short, few day trip we have been to Pentagon City (for a lovely dinner with Melanie); Starbucks (once--soon to be twice); Ford's theater (never been there--loved it!); the Peterson House (yep I saw the room President Lincoln died); H&M (twice and counting); Old Post Office; Holocaust Museum; American History Museum (discovered a new shop); Hard Rock Cafe (excellent of course); Air and Space museum; Smithsonian Castle; National Gallary of Art (the store); National Archives (extremely cool--once again a history teachers' dream); Old Ebitt Grill (yum yum blondie!); and presently I am at Dupont Circle. Still going to hit the monuments this evening and Union Station. As you can see I have walked and walked and walked--but it's been awesome!
So DC as always has peeked my interest in thinking about my future...and just possibly dreaming about a time when I will finally have the nerve to leave the comforts of wherever I am and brave the city--whether it be DC or some other exciting place.