Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Well, I am home again. Mississippi home. Home is just where I happen to be at the time lately. =)

So, I am back in Clinton and tonight I went to see my "little" brother (who's 8 inches taller than me) in his summer musical, Footloose. Do you know what that is about? Here is a short summary. It is set in a small town in Texas where a local preacher has had dancing outlawed. A city-kid moves down there and disrupts the whole town. In the end there is a town council where the main character quotes scripture in an effort to convince the adults to allow dancing in the town. And all I could think about was...they need to do this musical at Asbury. I mean, could you imagine? I know that perhaps I am a little behind and some of you already knew this storyline, but I was wishing tonight that I had known it while attending Asbury...just because I think I could have had some fun with it.

Well, it's good to be home and highly amusing to be so distinctly reminded of Asbury tonight. I wish everyone could see my little brother though, he is fantastic!