Thursday, January 27, 2005

Well, I had jury duty orientation today. Yep, I have been called up to serve my country. According to the judge who presided over orientation today, serving as a juror is one of the greatest ways we can serve our country. He noted that we have a unique and special system in America that allows us to be judged by a panel of our peers. I know all this of course (History teacher that I am), but it was a really good reminder that though jury duty is somewhat of an inconvience, it is something that, as Americans, we should want to do. In fact, since I have resigned myself to the inconvience of it all, I am now excited about the experience it will give me to be a better teacher. Conviently, we are getting ready to begin our chapter on how government works in my history class. So, this experience of jury duty will only enhance my ability to discuss the judicial process with my students. I think I should therefore get professional development for it. :)
I will definately keep you posted on the merits and demerits of jury duty. Today I am pleased to say that I feel I am doing a duty to my country, and therefore there is nothing to complain about. Hopefully...I will keep that in mind (it's in print now so I will have to!)


Jules said...

Ha - I will remind you of this next time you groan about it. :)

Rnutt said...

Thanks Julie! It's always good to have someone to keep me accountable! :)