Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hello all you blog readers! I don't really have anything to say, but I feel as if I have neglected my blog a great deal. I get so concerned about saying something interesting and witty that I find I kind of run from the blog screen. I often think of GREAT things to say when I am as far away from the computer as posible, and then by the time I have the time and energy to blog, those great thoughts have disappeared never to return. It's a shame really cause I bet that I am a fantastic writer. It's just that the words never make it from my mind to paper, so the great ideas are stuck where only I get to enjoy them. I know, I'm so sorry that you all are missing out! :)
Oh! I just thought of something to say! (I knew it would come eventually). This weekend my roommate and I rented the movie Saved! Have you heard of it? It's set in a Christian Highschool and is mainly a satire on fundamentalist Christians who are a little over the top. As extreme as it may seem at points, this movie is reminder that our actions are being watched and that we need to daily evaluate our Christian relationship to discover who we are serving, God or ourselves. In the movie multiple characters think they are doing what God wants them to do, only to realize that they didn't go about it the right way. It's interesting, something to think about. I do recommend it, cause I think we all need something to think about, and this movie will make you think.
Okay, I better post this before I get kicked off aol and lost this entire thing. Cause that would be a shame, because I know you all wouldn't want to miss reading this blog...and there is no way I am typing it again. :) Hope you enjoy! And comment away..cause maybe that will inspire me to post more often!


alison said...

So glad you're back and blogging, Rach. And don't worry, we all have that blog-something-witty-and-clever-so-we-don't-look-stupid-fear...which makes me wonder if those who have been blog-less for days/weeks/months are paralyzed by this fear this very moment! We should console them in their distress! (for our own entertainment at getting them to blog again, of course.)

Rnutt said...

Thanks for reminding me I am not alone Alison! It is greatly appreciated! :) Yes, I think we could all do with some great reading in the form of blogging to get through these dreary months of winter. Hopefully everyone will find time in their busy schedules!

Jules said...

I saw Saved!, not sure of what I would think about it. I'm still not sure. I had read a lot about it before going into it, so I was well prepped. I self-righteously sometimes think of myself as someone who has a better perspective than these "over the top" Christians. Therefore "I'm not them" and I can laugh at them with no reservation. I still found myself feeling defensive at times, however. I didn't go to a private school growing up, but I did spend a lot of time in youth group, and then went to a small Christian college. Are there people like that? Yeah. Do those people have a REAL relationship with God? Who knows. There are hypocrites in every single sub-culture to be found among humans. Christians are human too... how despicably human depends on how much we let God change us.

As for humor, it was funny, but not hilariously funny. You want that, rent Napolean Dynamite. :)