Thursday, January 13, 2005

It’s not every day that you get to meet someone you admire. On Tuesday evening I met Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries series, All-American Girl, The Boy Next Door, and other books that I have read and enjoyed. She came to Joseph-Beth and spoke and signed books. Just listening to her, I can understand why I, and so many others, enjoy her books. She is absolutely hilarious. Her word choice, her tone, and her facial expressions kept the audience laughing. After listening to her, I can tell that she puts all of who she is into her novels. That is what makes them so great. She’s real in person and that enables her to create real characters.
It seemed like a normal night really, with just an extra stop at the bookstore. But in reality it is one of those times that you just know you will always remember. That every time I pick up her book, I’ll think of how I spoke with her and now have her signature in Every Boy’s Got One, her latest novel. This novel refers to the fact that every boy has a heart…though I sometimes wonder about this, I am willing to read and discover how her character comes to this conclusion. Who knows, maybe it will help me better understand guys!! (Unlikely, but you never know!)


Stephanie said...

That's really exciting that you sought out the opportunity to meet an author that you admire and got to hear her speak! I've never done that. I haven't read any of her books...the recent book sounds interesting. Let me know what you think.