Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Okay, so it is totally not hitting me. I mean, it has hit my brain that school is out, but nothing else seems to realize it. When I was a kid I loved school. The last day was always a little sad for me because not only did it mean the end of school but it meant that that year will never again be. You think at the moment that something is so important and all of a sudden it's not there anymore. That's how school is. Really important for a long time and then it's not there.
So, now as a teacher it's kind of the same. It's all you think about for ever (it seems) and then suddenly it's as if someone says "Go, think about something else for 2 months and then come back and do it again." There is very little guidance for what I am supposed to do during the weeks ahead. Of course, I have plans--lots of them. But, I mean, I don't have to go to work anymore. That is a strange feeling.
Plus, I can't believe that I have been graduated a year and finished my first year as a teacher. I won't be the "first year teacher" next year. (That will be GREAT). I won't be "the new person." Both are titles I am not sorry to see go (although when you make a mistake it's great to be able to say, "sorry about that, I didn't know. I'm new") However, next year will be a whole new adventure in a new grade with new curriculum. I'm excited. Which is good...because the excitement needs to be there...and there were times this year that I thought it was gone; it's such a great feeling to have it back again.

Well, those are my reflections on my first year. Of course I could talk about my students and those that I work with and there would be lots to say...but those would just be much better told in person.

Enjoy work everyone! I'm on vacation! =)