Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Being vs. Doing

To do or to be? That seems to be the question, or at least a popular sermon theme. I can remember countless sermons focusing on this theme, and I'm sure there are many I can't remember! Again, this Sunday it was the theme of the Sunday sermon. The focus was on how too often we try to grow in our relationship with God merely through what we do...we forget that God's grace is the reason for our relationship with Him, and that we actually need to focus on Being a child of God.
But with that, comes with what does it mean to "Be" a child of God. Do we sit and do nothing? Of course, the answer is no. But what do we "do" when we are "being"? This concept is confusing to write about much less figure out what it means to live it! One big conclusion I came to this past Sunday is that this concept "being vs. doing" is really important and really hard. This is why it's a constant theme...it's probably one of the most difficult things of the Christian walk and also one of the most vital aspects of the walk.
With this in mind, I realize that being vs. doing is something that needs to be ever present on my mind. As I continue doing life, I need to be still at times and concentrate on the being part. This is a challenge I am slow to take on, yet eager knowing that the results will be great. To everyone else who has heard the sermon and has struggled, I want to encourage you! You are not alone in seeking to be a child of God!