Monday, September 14, 2009

"My Cup" Overfloweth

At a recent Bible study I attended, a speaker used a coffee mug as an object lesson to illustrate her relationships with other women.  Immediately I realized that I would have done the same thing, and I began to ponder this.  Though I do not get the opportunity as much anymore, I used to love going to a coffee shop with a friend.  Occasionally a group of us would go, but the memorable times involve just one or two close friends.  We would all order our coffee or drink of choice and sit and talk.  Conversations would cover guys or marriage, work, family, church, and an array of other things.  Sometimes there would be depth in the discussion and even confessions--things that wouldn't have been revealed in a phone conversation, an email exchange, or even a shopping trip.  They were things saved for discussion at this moment over this cup of coffee.  
On a bad day, I sometimes go to the coffee shop alone.  Sometimes it is just a day when I need to "regroup."  I need time for myself so that I can continue to be all that is demanded of me:  teacher, friend, daughter, sister, a spouse and a mother.  
The speaker's object lesson brought all these things to the forefront of my mind.  And then I thought about Biblical descriptions and the children's song about filling our cup with Christ and letting it overflow.  I love the connection between these things:  between my relationships with others and my relationship with Christ.  As I remembered the many wonderful times of friendship and growth and connection over a cup of coffee, I realized that my "cup of life" truly does runneth over.  I am blessed by so many friendships and so many memories of friendships over the past few years, and I am encouraged to think and wonder about the cups that will be shared in the future.