Thursday, February 18, 2010


One of my favorite parts of scrapbooking is being able to make things for other people. I love giving unique, thoughtful gifts, and if I can make the gift even better! The following I made for a friend who was kind enough to do something for me, and I wanted to say thank you.
I made an album using a BoBunny kit I had purchased awhile back at Archivers. I highly recommend any BoBunny kits you can purchase. They come with everything you need and they are awesome. They are beautiful and different then just a standard mini-album. I wish I was creative enough to create this on my own, but since I am not I love using kits!! Here are a few pictures from the album I made that can be used for pictures or just journaling.

The Cover

A cool page but quite difficult. I used a craft knife to cut the page in half and to take a square out of the page to show the pictures on either side. I don't have a great craft knife, but I did my best.

This might be my favorite page of the whole book. I think it is a beautiful design, and I love the right side and the layers it holds.
This is a fun page as well because it has a pocket with various journal pages. Pockets are a lot of fun and add a lot to a page!

As with most kits, when I finished I had quite a few leftover pieces so I decided to try and create a few cards for my friend. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. My base was a yellow card with a slight white flowery background. Most of the embellishments are stickers with a few other embellishments I had on hand. I created a layered look on many of the cards using paper layers as a starting point sometimes finishing with an embellishment using pop-ups. Also, many of the pieces already had a layered look to them. It was great how much stuff was left from the kit!