Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photo Freedom!

I recently finished a book that has really inspired me.  The book, Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian is a book for scrapbookers about organizing pictures to optimize time and creativity.  Her system, Library of Memories, is amazing.  It's simple--one of the simplest scrapbook things I have ever seen, and it definitely sounds like it can work!  It's also a huge stress reliever because it in no way focuses on chronological scrapbooking, but rather on what is inspiring and documentation of true meaningful memories.  I know it may not make sense to say there is more focus on memories when you avoid chronological scrapbooking, but if you have ever scrapped you know what I mean!  It is also a great system for creating mini albums or other items beyond layouts.  I am really looking forward to incorporating this system into my scrapbooking.  I believe it will help me be more creative and more productive.  It also encourages me to work hard on getting my scrapbook area set up!  I can't wait to start scrapping again! 


Ada Marie said...

Interesting. How do you do it? Is it a system for organizing pictures or more of a system for layouts?

Rnutt said...

It's just for organizing pictures. There are the three main components. The first is to put your current pictures in photo albums to have then accessable when you want to scrap them. The second part is having category drawers where you store pictures over time to help you find connections in life. The third part is that all of your layouts go in one of four binders: All about Us, Places we go, People we love, and I'll have to look up the fourth. :) There are "extras" included as well. But that's the main part!